Sparkt is a collaboration of data sciences and emotional intelligence to bridge need gaps with creative and experiential solutions both for brands and consumers.

Naturally positioned at the sweet spot of culture, design and technology due to the diverse backgrounds of its co-founding team, Sparkt has aligned to produce not just numbers, but differentiated and world class experiences.

With a vision to mount an extraordinary creative workforce for the present and the future, Sparkt is committed to give equal importance both to its clients and to its own culture.


We Believe most of Sparkt's value will come from the culture we are collectively building everyday.

Our pursuit is the feeling of going back to school. Culture is embedded in our office design itself that transforms from a hot-desking workspace on weekdays to an experimental art space on weekends - with a switch, our workspaces rise up to the ceiling clearing the room for expression, showcase and collaboration.


It's clear through our experiences that autonomy leads to building true passion in what we do as individuals. The passionate by instinct, zoom into details and zoom out to see the larger picture, the blue sky, on their own accord. And expertise is born.


When intent, thoughts, words and actions align, truth is established. We like transparency, we identify our doubts and stand by them as much as we do when we are sure. Truth is our formula for freedom, a guiding principle for our actions.


We value every moment of our time, we value the cost of our thoughts, and the truth in our efforts and that every extra inch in the extra miles we go to find and create value for our partners. We deeply value, value that can't be bought.


All the right choices make the picture perfect but the choices only reveal themselves in their consequences. Growing multifold in our short tenure, we believe that it's amazingly fruitful to go by the gut, rather than the rut.


The consumer universe is morphing everyday, while businesses are
perpetually lagging to fulfil the needs of the changing market.
The distance between the two on an average remains up to 2 years.
To get closer to the consumer in the NOW,
there is no single solution, platform or media.
We like the throbbing pulse of the here and now decoded with data and
trends besides sheer intuition, delivering dynamic solustions across platforms.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Channel Planning
  • Consumer Experiences


  • Campaigns & Brand Development
  • Social Engagement & Conversations
  • Rich Media Experiences
  • Channel Communication


  • Creative Development
  • Management
  • Syndication & Distribution
  • Promotion


  • Experience Design
  • Development
  • Management & Marketing


  • Brand & Consumer Experiences
  • Engaging & Immersive Digital Experiences
  • Mobile Apps & Innovation

Marketing Sciences

  • Organic & Inorganic Discovery – Search
  • Listening & Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Programmatic Media
  • Data Visualisations
  • Behavioural Patterns & Insights



The Sparkt crew is a growing community indulging with and obsessing over the formula of speedy evolution.

Chief Creative Officer

Shazeb Shaikh

Director Business Services

Sheldon D'Souza

Director Planning

Pritesh Angane

Director Creative Strategy

Kushal Kaushik

Director - Media

Sunil Nalawade

brand partner

Pooja MOkashi

Associate Creative Director

Waqt Shaikh

Associate Creative Director


senior copywriter

Samia iqbal

Art Director

Ritesh Sheth

Art Director


Producer - Content


Executive - Content

Rohit Makwana

SOCIAL MEDIA executive

Banda Lamba




Donald Samy


Mayank Mathur

social media executive

Sybil Braganza

Sparkt Live

Sparkt Live

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An arthouse?
What's going on here?

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Contact Us

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Phone: +91 22 45417777

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